BikeSafe workshops to restart in Cyprus

BikeSafe is a Police led motorcycle project involving class room and practical riding workshops. The main aim is to reduce the number of bikers being hurt on Cyprus roads.

In order to use the BikeSafe brand, the workshops have to conform to the BikeSafe criteria as run by Police forces throughout the UK.
Four Cyprus Police Officers have recently been trained to become BikeSafe assessors. The training was delivered in a partnership between the Cyprus Police and RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders Cyprus.

The first part of the training ensured that the officers had the road riding skills required, based on ‘Motorcycle Roadcraft’, The (UK) Police Riders Handbook. This involved advanced rider training and test. Only those passing the RoSPA motorcycle test at the highest level would be considered as assessors. All of the officers attained the Gold Grade.

The second phase of the training was theory based to ensure a good working knowledge of both Roadcraft and the BikeSafe curriculum. The officers gave a talk on different sections of the BikeSafe material and answered questions on the matters raised.

The third phase was a practical exercise taking the form of a BikeSafe ride-out with the officers having to give appropriate feedback to a motorcyclist they were assessing.

The officers passed with flying colours.

RoSPA assesses older drivers for the ITV documentary-series ‘100 Year Old Driving School’

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

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RoSPA assesses older drivers for the ITV documentary-series 100 Year Old Driving School

RoSPA assessors will be supporting older drivers during an ITV documentary-series looking at why and how the elderly still get behind the wheel.

The three-part show, called 100 Year Old Driving School, will air on ITV tonight (Tuesday, September 12) and follows the lives of a group of British drivers, over the age of 90, who still enjoy driving on the roads.

They will be given assessments from some of the charity’s top examiners, providing hints, tips, encouragement and guidance on how they can improve their driving or whether it may be time to hang up their keys.

Kevin Clinton, RoSPA’s head of road safety, said: “Driving a car is an important part of personal, family and work life for millions of us, providing freedom and independence to get about as and when we need to.

“Experienced drivers are, in general, safer than those with less experience but as we get older, our health and fitness, often including our eyesight, physical condition and reaction times, begins to decline. Age-related conditions can also begin to affect our driving and can eventually mean that there is a point when an individual needs to give up driving. However, as this documentary will show, this point is different for everyone; there isn’t an age at which all drivers become unable to drive safely.

“Many older drivers recognise that their driving ability is changing and consequently change when and where they drive. Driving assessments, such as RoSPA’s Experienced Driver Assessment and refresher training courses can help older drivers.”

The documentary, produced by production company RDF Television, will also air on Tuesday, September 19 and 26.

For further information on older drivers, visit

Road safety in action – time for change

stop road deathsRoADAR Cyprus is a non-profit organisation whose professional expertise is unrivalled in the field of road safety.

Bad driving behavior and the carnage it causes on our roads is totally unacceptable in an environment where safety is paramount to every journey. It will be many years, in fact it may never be achieved not just here in Cyprus but around the world before road crashes are seriously diminished in numbers.

Deaths on our roads regularly feature in the press and are reported on by the media. Why is it that the loss of a mother, father, daughter or son in such a tragic event fails to move those of us who are unrelated to the victims? Where is the public outcry for the loss of a life which could have been avoided because unless we speak up or do something about making our roads safer your family may be the next one to experience the loss of a loved one?

Road safety impacts on all of us and to improve standards we must not depend on the Police and authorities to inform, educate and punish us when appropriate. There is only so much that can be done and when all avenues have been exhausted by them and crashes still happen what do we do then?

To bring about change to driver attitude and behavior requires greater responsibility from all of us and more accountability for those who choose not to change their ways and therefore pose a greater risk to society and our safety. Continue reading Road safety in action – time for change

RoADAR at Eléa Estate

Elea Estate

Eléa Estate

RoADAR Cyprus have been holding their open meetings at the wonderful Eléa Estate since January 2014.

Eléa Estate is a proud sponsor of RoADAR Cyprus.

The Estate is set in a truly breathtaking location. It combines traditional values and influences with the best in modern touches. Eléa Estate blends together all the things that make life good – a great location, stunning views, carefully planned luxurious homes, an exceptional golf course and top class hospitality services – in one perfectly designed development.

With its glorious Mediterranean location and world-class service the hospitality at Eléa Estate offers everything you need for every event. The superb classically-styled Clubhouse forms the centerpiece of the fabulous destination.

The staff at Eléa are very friendly and very helpful. They take incredible care and give meticulous attention to detail.

Map of the location of Elea Resort.  (Opens in new window)

Sunday Souvla – this is served every Sunday from 12:30.


Restaurant opening times are:

Monday – Saturday from 07:00 until 19:00hrs

Sunday Lunch – 13:00 until 16:00hrs

Restaurant Telephone Number – 26 202 003

Elea website

Sovereign Base Area Police commit to enhanced road safety


RoADAR Cyprus, the road safety charity has been actively involved in training two SBA police officers who have succeeded in becoming Police Advanced Riding Instructors.

Police Constables Marcos Michaelides and Enis Suleyman who are both RoSPA Gold Award advanced motorcyclists have now taken their skills to a much higher level and are proud to have become professional Instructors.

SBA Police recognize that better trained riders are safer riders. They respect their bikes and the roads, riding in a safe, smooth and controlled manner.

All officers who are expected to patrol on motor bikes can now look forward to being trained in advanced riding skills by Marcos and Enis.

Their Trainers, Steve Tucker and Mike Moorby, who are Advanced Riding Instructors and Examiners for RoADAR Cyprus are very pleased with the commitment shown by the SBA Police to improve road safety for their officers.

Steve Tucker says, “The quality of training we provided demanded full commitment to achieve their qualification. Marcos and Enis’s theoretical knowledge, riding skills and instructional techniques have been raised to a level which are world class. It is rewarding to know that these new skills will benefit the public as well, when professional advice and guidance will be on offer at events and wherever their duties interact with the public.”

If you have a wish to become an advanced driver or rider or just want to be involved with a forward thinking and highly motivated group of people committed to making the roads of Cyprus safer for everyone, we look forward to hearing from you.