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Welcome to RoSPA Riders!

Riding a motorbike requires an immense amount of expertise, excellent observation skills and knowledge. Most riders believe that they are experts but as the fatality and casualty figures prove every year, many riders only have basic knowledge and skills.

When your steering or braking technique goes wrong, especially riding around a bend you may not get a second chance in life to ride your bike! If you do make it around the bend what are you going to do to get better trained to stop it happening again?




We are a non profit making charity committed to making you a better rider. We are affiliated to RoSPA UK (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents).

Our trainers will familiarize you with all aspects of riding…from slow speed, overtaking skimc126lls to riding at speed in bends… safely!

We know that when your training with us is completed you will be able to ride in any road situation safely, smoothly and calmly and enjoy your riding even more than before.

motorbikepOur Trainers will ride with you to pass on their knowledge and expertise. They will introduce you to riding techniques, that the police worldwide use to make them so skilled. How do they do that? That’s easy to answer – they are ex police motorcyclists!

Learn all there is to know about rider attitude, awareness, anticipation, observation, riding skills and more.

RoSPA Riders will encourage and prepare you for your RoSPA Advanced Riding Test. Graded at Bronze, Silver or Gold, what better way to put your skills to the test by taking the highest riding qualification available to members of the public in the world!

Annual membership of RoSPA Riders is €15. Join us now!

For more information or to check for course availability in your area please go to the contact page.

RoSPA Riders is the motorcycle section of RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders Cyprus.