Road safety in action – time for change

stop road deathsRoADAR Cyprus is a non-profit organisation whose professional expertise is unrivalled in the field of road safety.

Bad driving behavior and the carnage it causes on our roads is totally unacceptable in an environment where safety is paramount to every journey. It will be many years, in fact it may never be achieved not just here in Cyprus but around the world before road crashes are seriously diminished in numbers.

Deaths on our roads regularly feature in the press and are reported on by the media. Why is it that the loss of a mother, father, daughter or son in such a tragic event fails to move those of us who are unrelated to the victims? Where is the public outcry for the loss of a life which could have been avoided because unless we speak up or do something about making our roads safer your family may be the next one to experience the loss of a loved one?

Road safety impacts on all of us and to improve standards we must not depend on the Police and authorities to inform, educate and punish us when appropriate. There is only so much that can be done and when all avenues have been exhausted by them and crashes still happen what do we do then?

To bring about change to driver attitude and behavior requires greater responsibility from all of us and more accountability for those who choose not to change their ways and therefore pose a greater risk to society and our safety.

Steve Tucker says, “I know from my career as a traffic police officer, an advanced driver trainer and from what I see on our roads that some motorists have a blatant disregard for the law. Even when they are reported or prosecuted for traffic offences I just know it will not change their behavior or attitude. They will still take unnecessary risks with their lives and the rest of us.

But it is just not those who are arrogant, or show contempt for the law, or believe they know better that we should avoid. There are lots of drivers whose ignorance and lack of driving skills for today’s roads also impact on our safety. And unfortunately there are a large number of them about.

I could go on but I do believe you fully understand the scale of the problem we all face and the risk you place yourself under every time you get behind the wheel of your own car.

Many people tell RoADAR Cyprus that we have an uphill task in trying to get people to be better drivers. I agree. To change driver’s attitude and behavior for an entire population is not an immense task, it’s an impossible one. Such is the scale of the problem that we experience day after day, that if bad driving was classed as a disease, it would already be at epidemic levels. A cure would be sought and the costs saved from preventing death and injury on our roads would be immense.

Well the good news is there is a cure. RoADAR Cyprus provides the cure to empower you with advanced driving skills to make you a better and safer driver. The bad news is people who have the disease do not want to take the medicine.

If you care about your health and that of your loved ones I’m sure you would do something to stop yourselves becoming infected. By becoming an Advanced Driver it’s like having an inoculation. You will have taken a preventive measure so you will not be stricken down by someone who has the disease. And the jabs for this are free!”

Advanced driver training is informative, educational, fun and free. If you would like to find out more and acquire driving skills and knowledge that were never passed onto you we would be pleased to hear from you.