RoADAR Cyprus Fees.

Membership of RoADAR Cyprus is €15 per year payable locally.

Membership starts on the day of joining and is renewable on the 1st of March the following year.

The membership fee entitles the member to receive training and, providing it is up to date, refresher training for the three year test.

The student is responsible for all the expences in running the course, for example fuel.

RoSPA HQ fees.

These Fees are paid directly to RoSPA HQ.
RoSPA Advanced Drivers Test £62 (including VAT).
RoSPA Advanced Riders Test £68 (including (VAT).
There are reduced rates for those under 26 years.

The Euro equivalent will be determined on the exchange rate on the day of payment.

RoSPA HQ suggests that Cyprus residents might be placed as a non subscriber and pay for the test every three years rather than pay the annual subscription. This might more convenient for those without a UK bank account.

To remain valid the the three yearly re-test should normally be taken within three months of it becoming due.

Complete the application form online

An interim test is available for RoADAR members who wish to take a test in-between the three yearly re-test. The benefits of taking the interim test vs taking the normal re-test varies and is up the individual to decide. The fee information and application form for the interim test are available on request by emailing RoSPA HQ.