How to become a RoADAR Group Tutor

RoSPA Group Tutor

Before commencing training the candidate must be a member of RoADAR Cyprus and have passed a RoSPA advanced driving or riding test at Silver or Gold standard.

The Tutor must have a good working knowledge of The Highway Code and Roadcraft as the tuition delivered will rest on these books.

Tutorial skills

The candidate must have the ability:

  • to communicate with students and to explain what is required,
  • to plan and deliver a lesson, to set learning objectives and structure the lesson with a logical plan that illustrates student/tutor interaction,
  • to deliver the prepared lesson plan clearly and correctly,
  • to assess the pupil’s understanding and to verify that learning has taken place by means of suitable questions,
  • to provide feedback and specific objectives,
  • to answer the pupil’s questions correctly and clearly with due regard for The Highway Code, Roadcraft and the Test Guidelines.

The candidate must be able to demonstrate an ability to tutor at the appropriate level and to give a commentary drive.

The candidate should be able to demonstrate a range of skills to assess pupil performance against the standard of the Advanced Test.

An important part of advanced tuition is the ability to diagnose and analyze faults, followed by a plan to correct them.


The candidate will be assessed in two areas both of which must be passed before a certificate is awarded by RoSPA (UK). The candidate will be assessed by an examiner. Final approval is given by the Committee and then has to be approved by RoSPA in the UK and entered on their register.

  • He or she will be expected to carry out pre-driving checks and a moving brake test and then drive at least at Silver standard throughout the drive, which will last about one hour.
  • The candidate will be expected to give a standard commentary and, in addition, to demonstrate ability to instruct by explaining how he or she would teach a particular topic on subjects chosen by the assessor at a level also chosen by the assessor. The appropriate levels could be

(a) a person new to advanced driving,
(b) an associate member about halfway through the syllabus,
(c) a person ready for their first test, or a retest.

As part of the assessment the assessor will ask questions relating to the tuition along with questions on The Highway Code and Roadcraft.

No person may act as a Tutor unless entered on the UK register of Group Tutors. A certificate is issued.