What we do

It is recognized worldwide that advanced drivers and riders are better prepared for the road. Our aim is to pass on advanced driving and riding skills to anyone who holds a full driving licence for the class of vehicle they drive or ride.


We provide free on road training to anyone interested in becoming an advanced driver or rider. All the training is based on “Roadcraft” the British Police Drivers handbook, under expert guidance from skilled Tutors.

Our Tutors will accompany you in your own vehicle or if you are a rider they will follow you on their own bike. Generally, there is no time limit to the amount of training that is provided. And remember, it’s free!

And as you progress you can put your new found skills you’ll acquire by taking the advanced driving or riding test, which is something you can be proud of.

All training is designed to ensure that the driver or rider wanting to take their RoSPA advanced driving or riding test is fully prepared and confident to take it. Passes are graded as gold, silver and bronze awards.

For more information or to check for course availability in your area go to the contact page.

We also provide free help, advice and information to encourage any member of the community of Cyprus to assess the element of risk associated with any road journey.

We will help motorists and riders understand the causes and consequences of road traffic collisions and how best to minimize any involvement in them.

All our Tutors possess advanced driving skills and expertise and are proficient in training drivers and riders in advanced driving and riding techniques.

We advertise our presence throughout Cyprus through promotion by the media, internet forums, local community publications and networking.