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Advanced motorcycle rider training for holders of a full driving licence

Never too good | Episode 3 : Roadcraft

Check out our latest video of Chaz & Alan’s weekend taking further training. This time they’re getting their heads around Roadcraft and why its so important to riding safely. Then the whole crew are out on the road for one-on-one feedback from the instructors. Do you think you could benefit from some individual observation? Find out more about further training:

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Never Too Good | Episode 1: Back To School

Chaz Davies is a world champion motorcycle racer. But, amazingly, he only passed his road test this summer. Along with Alan Davies, comedian and bike racing nut, he’s going back to school to do a further training course. In this episode they meet up with fellow bikers in the Cotswold’s and get the first assessment of their road riding skills.

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Road safety in action – time for change

stop road deathsRoADAR Cyprus is a non-profit organisation whose professional expertise is unrivalled in the field of road safety.

Bad driving behavior and the carnage it causes on our roads is totally unacceptable in an environment where safety is paramount to every journey. It will be many years, in fact it may never be achieved not just here in Cyprus but around the world before road crashes are seriously diminished in numbers.

Deaths on our roads regularly feature in the press and are reported on by the media. Why is it that the loss of a mother, father, daughter or son in such a tragic event fails to move those of us who are unrelated to the victims? Where is the public outcry for the loss of a life which could have been avoided because unless we speak up or do something about making our roads safer your family may be the next one to experience the loss of a loved one?

Road safety impacts on all of us and to improve standards we must not depend on the Police and authorities to inform, educate and punish us when appropriate. There is only so much that can be done and when all avenues have been exhausted by them and crashes still happen what do we do then?

To bring about change to driver attitude and behavior requires greater responsibility from all of us and more accountability for those who choose not to change their ways and therefore pose a greater risk to society and our safety. Continue reading Road safety in action – time for change

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